Integrating Fascia Panels in the Kitchen

Fascia panels added in to your kitchen will make a great aesthetic upgrade. You will need the specifications for your current dishwasher and some good woodworking tools and you can build a fascia panel to match the rest of your cabinetry.

Accurate Measurements
In order for your fascia panels to look right once installed you need to get extremely accurate measurements. You will need to measure length, height, as well as diagonal sections to get the best fit possible.

Allow Wood to Adjust
Before you start to build you will want to let the wood you’ve chosen sit in the kitchen for a few days. This will allow the wood to adjust to the temperature and humidity of your kitchen. Wood can expand and contract with moisture and temperature. Allowing the wood to adjust will make cutting much easier and it will be easier to install as well.

Pre-Assembled Panels
If you don’t want to go through the hassle of building your own panels, you can contact the manufacturer of your cabinets. Since they made the cabinets, they should be able to get you the facing for the fascia panel that will match the rest of the cabinetry.