Interesting Light Fixtures Anyone Can Make Interesting Light Fixtures Anyone Can Make

 by Jessica Ackerman

Light fixtures can really enhance the mood and ambience of a space. Unfortunately, those that have unique form and style tend to be pricier than your everyday, conventional ones. Why not add some pizzazz to your home for an affordable price by making your own light fixture?

Make a String Pendant Light

String pendant lights have a vintage feel to them with their globe-shaped, woven textural appearance. To make a string pendant light you will need a round balloon, crochet thread or 100% cotton yarn, fabric stiffener, and a hanging lamp kit, including lamp cord, socket, and bulb. Prepare these tools as well: scissors, latex gloves, foam brush, and tarp.
Blow up the balloon and tie it closed. Start by tying one end of the thread to the knot on the balloon, and wrap the thread around the balloon in a random pattern. When the balloon is completely and evenly covered with the thread, tie the other end of the thread to the balloon knot. Wearing your gloves, use the foam brush to saturate the whole piece with fabric stiffener. After letting it dry overnight, pop and remove the balloon. Cut a small hole where the knot was, so you can insert your light kit and bulb.

Make a Beaded Chandelier

An old chandelier can be transformed into one fit for a festive dinner party, with just some paint, beads and ornaments, fancy paper or fabric, and ribbon. First, remove the bulbs and mini-shades. Clean and sand the chandelier to remove any rust or old paint. Coat the chandelier with high-gloss spray paint and let it dry.
To decorate the original chandelier shades, remove the existing decorative cover, taking care to keep the plastic sheeting and wire frame intact. Lay the plastic sheeting flat and use spray adhesive to attach your fancy paper or fabric to the plastic. When it is dry, wrap the shade around the wire frame, securing the seam and edges with hot glue. Attach the ribbon to seal the top and bottom circumferences of the shade. You can now attach the mini-shades on the chandelier and hang it from the ceiling. Drape a string of beads or baubles along the arms of the chandelier to add a festive effect.

Make a Paper Lantern

Craft or floral wire, tissue paper, balsa wood strips, and a battery powered tea light are all you need to make an interesting paper lantern to decorate your indoor or outdoor spaces. Form the frame of the lantern by bending the wire to form connected concentric circles for a sphere, or if you wish to have a box-shaped lantern, wrap the wire around the ends of a box and slide it out to create the frame.

Attach the paper covering to the frame by gluing the top edge of the paper to the top opening of the frame and pulling the paper down tightly over the frame. Attach the balsa wood strips across the base of the lantern to form a brace for the tea light to rest. Let the glue dry and enjoy your lantern.

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