Interior Color: Beach Style Color Scheme Ideas

Interior color allows a lot of choices when coming up with a design theme. If you would like to try a beach scheme, here are some ideas that will help deciding which color scheme will work best for your taste.

A Blue Palette

When we think of the beach, the blue sea comes to mind. Using different shades of blue in a room will give you that feel. Mix turquoise blue with navy blue, along with sky blue, to give the airy feeling of the ocean and the sky. Tossing beach-themed pillows around in this color palette will also give your room more dimension. Furniture can be distressed, as the furniture.

Yellow and Blue

Yellow and blue give your a room the soft, airy feel of a beach side cottage. You can use navy blue with pale yellow, bright yellow with pale blue, or both in a bright color for real impact. This color combination works well in a kitchen or bath to give it a beachy feel. White or distressed furniture works best with this color combination.

Beige and White

Crisp white with beige tones give the room a neutral, clean feel. Using bright white walls, and sand beige accents make your room look large and clean. White furniture will blend into the room. Neutral flooring either in hardwoods or rugs and carpeting will complete the look.

Pastel Mixture

Using sea foam, pale yellow, powder blue and shell pink, you can create a soft color palette that still has some sizzle. You can mix and match the pastels in any fashion you wish. They all compliment each other and will look good on walls floors, upholstry, and accessories. There's no right an wrong here. Toss around some accessories with a beach them such as seashells, etc. in the pastel color palette.

Red, White, and Blue

Think of the Navy. Use this color scheme to create a nautical feel to your room. White walls with red or navy blue window treatments will make the room stand out. You can add shutters to the windows as well for added interest. Add punches of navy blue anchor themed pillows and accessories throughout the room, as well as sailboat designed wall hangings.  Again, white furniture works well with this decor, but you can also use natural wood in flooring and furniture.

Beach Ball Stripes

Using the primary colors of a beach ball, you can make any bland room take on the feel of an afternoon at the beach by adding red, blue, yellow and green stripes throughout the room. A bathroom or child's room really come to life with this color scheme. You can also use this color scheme for an outdoor space such as a deck or patio to brighten up the area. This color theme also works best with white furniture to allow the primary colors to be the focal point of the room.