Interior Color: Creating Harmonious Color Schemes

Harmonious interior color schemes are fun to create because it gives you a chance to think in terms of color coordination. The combination of colors you ultimately choose has as much to do with your own tastes as it does with their pairing. Always remember, though, that colors have qualities, and while you can match any two or more colors you wish, there is an objective sense as to what works and what does not. 

Without going into detail about individual colors, here are few basic rules that are bendable, but should not be broken. 

Avoid Primary Colors

Primary colors are red, blue and yellow. While no other color would be possible without them, they are best when used to make subtler colors by blending. Primary colors are too striking for a home interior. They are better on billboards and product advertisements. 

Like with Like

This does not mean, for example, placing yellow shades only with yellow shades; it means keeping warm colors with warm and cool colors with others that are cool. Warm colors are yellows, reds and oranges while cool colors include greens, blues and violets. 


Lastly, remember to contrast the colors in your design scheme without making offensive combinations. Don’t span large segments of the spectrum with your contrasts, for it can tire out the eyes. 

Keeping these tips in mind can help you to create effective and harmonious interior color designs.