Interior Color: Creating Red Color Schemes

Interior color can be tricky when it comes to reds and trying to figure out complimentary colors that won't clash. Red is such a dominant color and looks great when applied properly to a room. Here are some red color schemes to consider for your home.

Red, Lime Green, and Butter Yellow

In this color scheme, bright red is used, with lime green accessories, and just a few splashes of butter yellow to set it off. This is a perfect combination for an area that you want to be sunny and bright, such as, a sun room, a patio, or deck space.

Maroon, Mauve, and White

The color scheme works well in a more sophisticated space. The maroon will be your primary red color, with mauve for accessories, such as pillow designs, with a few white accents around the room. A maroon sofa, and window treatments, with several mauve toss pillows, with a couple of white ones make a sophisticated statement.

A Rusty Red, with Yellow-Orange, and Beige

The color scheme gives warmth to a room. For a family room or bedroom, use a rusty red color as the primary color in either floor coverings, furniture upholstery, or window treatments. Accessorize the room with yellow-orange accessories, such as rugs or large decorative wall hangings. Use a soft beige color to accent the room in picture frames and smaller objects.