Interior Color: Creating Yellow Color Schemes

If you want to make your room look bright and sunny, you should pay attention to its interior color. As much as possible, you should use yellow color schemes on your walls, carpets, curtains and even your furniture. To create yellow color schemes for your room, here is what you should do.

Evaluate Your Room

Check your room the size, shape and the natural lighting of your room. Note down your observations on a piece of paper to make sure that you do not forget anything. You may also take pictures to serve as your reference point when reviewing the natural and artificial lighting schemes for your room.

Choose Your Carpet Well

Choose the color of your carpet first. Your carpet covers a large area and it often dominates the room so make sure you choose the right color for your carpet. For instance, warm butter yellow carpets can make your room really cozy and welcoming while rustic yellow carpet gives the room a laid back atmosphere.

Work on Your Walls

After choosing your carpet, you may now work on your walls. To create a relaxed atmosphere, choose a soft and subdued hue of yellow for your walls. To give your room a more vibrant look, go for that warm and vibrant color.

Get the Right Furniture

Match the color of your furniture with the colors of your walls and carpet.