Interior Color Ideas: Making Your Bedroom an Oasis Interior Color Ideas: Making Your Bedroom an Oasis

You can create a calm and peaceful look in your bedroom by choosing the right interior color. Surrounding yourself with things that make you happy will help to create a mellow bedroom harbor. Add scented candles and potpourri along with pictures to remind you of happy times. This is your sanctuary to create however you want. A quiet place made for no interruptions.


The first step to start is choosing the color. It is important to choose colors that create the perfect mood and temperature. There are colors used to calm and unwind. Greens and soft blues are known as calming. These colors are used often at hotels and spas. Neutral colors like green, taupe, brown, and blue create the tranquility effect. Stay away from colors that make you feel oppressive and can over stimulate you. Painting your walls and ceiling the same color will give a serene effect. Practicing this technique keeps the color light and creates downplay on the walls focusing more on you. Natural light will help create a peaceful look. Keep artificial light gentle and inconspicuous. Invest in room darkening window shades to keep any unnecessary light out at night or during the day if you are trying to relax. Natural wood themes are appeasing. Add items like straw baskets, paintings, and wood furniture to accessorize your room.

 Soul Searching

People forget when they are decorating their bedrooms that it is a place to kick back and unwind. Find pieces of your favorite artwork and artwork that talks to you for the walls of your bedroom. Your bedroom should be for down time, not for working. Avoid placing a computer in your bedroom if you can help it. When you are trying to relax, turn the television off. Watching television does not help you wind down and in most cases can stimulate you to stay up longer. If you have a television in your bedroom, you can hide it with an armoire. Try not to multi-task in your bedroom. Doing things like talking on the phone, watching television, and using the computer can become a habit. These practices will often turn your bedroom into your office. Remember, it is okay to shut the world out  sometimes.

Soothing to the Ear

Think about what music you like to listen to for relaxation. Some people find listening to relaxation CD's such as sounds of the beach or rain. Certain fountains assimilate waves making it easily for you to fall asleep. You do not have to invest in an expensive fountain to make the sounds of tranquility. Sound machines are also popular for relaxing. Sound machines include the beauty of a thunderstorm, ocean waves, or even crickets to play anytime of the day.


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