Interior Color Trends: What's Hot and What's Not

While it is not always easy to change a home's interior, changing the color of your home is easier. Depending on what's hot and what's not, you can decorate your home to match the newest trends. New pillows or curtains can update a room without putting a strain on the bank account.

What’s Hot

2010 is the year of global and earth influences. There is a focus on “being green” and being environmentally friendly. Earth toned colors can be combined with global colors, which are vibrant. Yellows, greens, purples and oranges are the colors of the year. Using a green shade which is just over a yellow is recommended. Purple which had been closely associated with a younger girls room, no longer holds true.

What's Not

2009 was the year of natural purity. The color palette went from softest whites to darkest grays, with sprinkles of beige tones. Last year darker colors were popular, portraying a night fall influence. The tones were rich and deep, but not bold. Colors like buttered yam and merlot red covered the walls.

While the trends between this year and last are not too far apart, the year is evident with each trend. From neutral to earthly colors, it is a wonder what next year will bring.