Interior Color Washing: Adding Depth and Shine

Color washing is a popular technique that gives your walls or other surfaces a dreamy, cloudy effect. It will add depth due to the technique, and shine from the glaze. There are two different color wash effects that you can consider.

1. Dark Base Color with Light Glaze

If you start with a dark, or bright base and add a wash of a lighter color, the base color will be the prominent color when you are finished. For example, If you use a navy blue base color, and go over it with a sky blue glaze, the navy blue will show through more with just a milky sky blue shine.

2. Light Base Color with Dark Glaze

If you start by painting your wall or other surface a light color and wash it with a dark glaze the opposite effect happens, and the top color, or glaze will show through the most. For example, if you use white paint as your base color, and wash over it with green glaze, the green will be prominent, although the white will give it a milky depth.