Interior Water Sealer Ingredients Safe for Children and Pets Interior Water Sealer Ingredients Safe for Children and Pets

You can easily and safely use a wood sealer in your home that is effective and efficient while remaining environmentally friendly. Interior wood sealants can be composed of numerous chemicals and toxins that are not safe for children or pets and are not environmentally friendly. However, there are interior wood sealant products that are absolutely as effective as those with harsh chemicals, yet offer an environmentally friendly and child safe option.


One of the items that all child and pet safe products must eliminate from their ingredient lists are VOCs. The term VOC stands for a volatile organic compound that evaporate in room temperature or sunlight that are hazardous to humans and pets. For a product to be considered environmentally friendly, it must be able to state on its label that it is Zero-VOC or No-VOC.


Environmentally friendly interior wood sealants will be water-based. Because these products are water-based, they leave no residue or film on surfaces. This eliminates the other bases that could contain harmful chemicals and leave chemical based residue on surfaces. As well, the water-based products will have an added benefit of easy cleanup where a simple soap and water solution can be used for cleaning.

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