Interlocking Carpet Squares Interlocking Carpet Squares

Interlocking carpet squares are a very unique flooring product that can be used in a number of applications. Interlocking carpet squares also present you with some nice benefits as a homeowner. Here are a few things to consider about interlocking carpet squares. 

How They Work

The great thing about interlocking carpet squares is how they work. The installation for this type of product is very simple. Depending on the brand and style, the carpets will have an interlocking system for installation. It may come in the form of something that hooks to the corners of four different carpet squares. Many of these are designed for floating floor installations, meaning that they are not meant to be attached to the ground. You just lay them on the floor and lock them into the adjacent carpet tiles to install. When you need to cut one, a utility knife should do the job.


  • Less waste- With this product, you will be able to buy less material than you would working with roll goods. You will not have to worry about buying as much waste because you can fit the squares into smaller spaces.
  • Replacement- If one of the tiles is damaged, you can simply pull it up and put a new one in its place. 

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