Internet Thermostat Control

An Internet thermostat is a home or office thermostat that can be remotely controlled through a home networking system. 

Many new thermostats are capable of being pre-set through a keypad on the interface. You can input the desired time and temperature and the thermostat will power on or off. An internet thermostat has these capabilities, plus you can make these settings from a remote location without actually being present at the thermostat’s keypad. 

How Does an Internet Thermostat Work?

An Internet thermostat is a part of a larger home or office network. You may already have a home network that consists of a cable television system, computers and smart phones. You may even have your home security system linked into your home network. All of these devices are enabled for internet use through your home network.

Your home network can be wired, using Ethernet cords, wireless, or a combination of the two. Your Internet thermostat is wired into your home network with an Ethernet cord and can therefore be accessed from the Internet just like the other devices on the network. 

Most of these thermostats have to be hard wired for an increase in security. Wireless networks are more susceptible to security breaches. In order to remotely control the Internet thermostat you will have to use an user name and password. This adds another level of security to the thermostat system.  

What Are the Benefits of an Internet Thermostat?

There are a number of benefits to using an Internet thermostat. Besides the ability to pre-set the heating or cooling system, you can make changes to the settings without physically being near the thermostat. For example, if you are a working parent and set the thermostat to come on when your children arrive home from school, you can adjust these settings from your office in the event that your children have a half-day of school. From the other side of town you can change the heating and cooling settings.

An Internet thermostat also allows you to monitor the temperature in your home or office. If you suspect that your heating and cooling system is failing, you can keep tabs on it while you are away from home.

Another benefit of an Internet thermostat is the ability to turn the heating and cooling system off while you are away. You may plan to turn the heat off as you leave out the door for work. However, if you are rushing, you may forget. With an Internet controlled thermostat, you can turn the heat off once you get to the office. This will result in energy savings as you won't be heating or cooling an empty house.

What Do I Need to Use an Internet Thermostat?

In order to use an Internet thermostat, you will need to have a fully operating home networking system. In most cases that means that you will have a residential or office gateway, a modem, a computer and Internet access. You may actually have each of these components in your home already. If that is the case, you shouldn’t have any problem adding a thermostat to your network. 

There you have it! An Internet thermostat is a way to add security, convenience and energy efficiency to your life.