Intertape Duct Tape

Producing a variety of tape products useful for home, office or worksite application, Intertape duct tape is available in 3 new types. The Intertape Polymer Group now offers XHD, Jobsite and Fix-It DUCTape. While duct tape of all types is a pressure-sensitive adhesive made of reinforced polyethylene, different varieties of the all-purpose tape allow for greater specialization. Not only does Intertape offer these 3 new duct tape types, they produce several different varieties of all-purpose duct tape in many colors including blue, olive green, yellow, black and the standard silver. 


Intertape duct tape is water resistant, tear resistant and features a very high tensile strength. It can be used for everything from securing cables to a floor to providing a quick structural fix on just about anything. Duct tape forms a quick, aggressive bond to most surfaces. The variety of colors available make Intertape duct tape great for color coding both indoors and out. 

New Intertape DUCTape

Intertape's XHD DUCTape is heavy-duty and can be used for permanent repairs. It is made of poly-coated cloth and is incredibly strong and weatherproof. Jobsite DUCTape is also all-weather with a strong adhesive and backing, while Fix-It DUCTape features a lighter weight poly-cloth backing. Designed for home use, Fix-It DUCTape is a quick-fix essential.