Intertape Tape

Consisting of a wide range of industrial tape, carton sealing tape and electronic tape, the Intertape tape selection is extremely diverse. Intertape tape is engineered for very specific uses and made according to the highest standards of quality. The company's tapes are produced with a variety of backings and adhesive types, designed for all manner of commercial, home and industrial applications. Several Intertape tapes are U.L. listed, ensuring they meet rigorous safety standards. 

Industrial Tapes

The industrial tapes produced by Intertape include masking, duct, double-coated, filament, foil, flat-back and specialty tapes. For whatever the application, Intertape provides an industrial-strength solution. Each of these categories contains several products. Intertape masking tape, for instance, is available in utility, genernal, medium, premium, premium high-temp, performance and weather resistant grades. Used for everything from paint masking to packaging, masking tape is incredibly versatile. Duct tape, too, is offered in 5 grades: HVAC, premium, medium, general and utility. Other Intertape industrial tapes offer the same wide selection, providing the perfect tape for the job. 

Carton Sealing Tapes

Intertape carton sealing tapes are pressure-sensitive tapes made with 3 different adhesives: hot melt, acrylic and rubber. Ideal for sealing cartons for shipping or storage, Intertape also offers water-activated carton tapes, suitable for packaging, identification or sealing. 

Electronic Tapes

Whether you require tape with high heat resistance or high tensile strength, Intertape's electronic tape selection includes tape with silicone, acrylic and thermosetting rubber adhesives. Electronic tapes produced by Intertape include polyester film and laminates, glass filament, glass cloth, acetate cloth, polyimide film, powder coating and paper electronic types. Among the other properties of some electronic tape from Intertape are flame, puncture and tear resistance. Specialty electronic tape also includes types with high-voltage insulation for industrial application. 

Regardless of the use, whether at home, in the office or in an industrial work area, Intertape produces a large selection of tapes that feature a number of different adhesives and backings, specially designed for virtually all applications.