Invisible Fence Invisible Fence

An invisible fence is a great solution to keeping your pets in their own yard without changing the appearance of your home. You can feel confident knowing that your pets are safe and are unable to wander from their own space with the use of an invisible fence.

You may not want to install a wood or iron fence due to the effect it will have on your curb appeal, or maybe your county will not permit you to do so. In most cities around the United States, a fence in the front yard is not permitted. In these instances an invisible fence can offer just the right solution.

How to Install an Invisible Fence

An invisible fence will come with instructions for installation. The process is simple and can be done easily by anyone. You will need to create a trench line around you property to bury the fence line in the ground. You will have instructions for making all the necessary connections so the transmitter for the invisible fence will work with the pet’s collar.

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