Irish Sheepskin Rug Designs Irish Sheepskin Rug Designs

An Irish sheepskin rug is not only soft and plush against the skin, but it is an enjoyable luxury item that can be enjoyed no matter what your age. Sheepskin rugs can be used by a bed or shower or in front of the fire or television.

Rug Features

Despite being wool, the rugs are often machine washable. Check with the manufacturer before you buy to be sure.

There are both long pile and short pile sheepskin rugs, but long pile is favored for its comfort. In their natural color, these rugs are white, various shades of beige, or dark brown, although some manufacturers will dye them.

Sheepskin is known for its resistance against dirt and its ability to keep warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

Size and Cost

Natural Irish sheepskin rugs come in sizes defined by the number of sheep used to make the rug. The basic size is a single rug, meaning it is one sheepskin. The single rugs are used as a throw on a chair or as a small throw rug beside the bed or shower. A single Irish sheepskin runs about $100.

Larger rugs usually come in multiples of two – a double pelt, four pelt or six pelt rug. These larger rugs are particularly nice for use in front of a fireplace or entertainment center, or in a living area where the floor is often used for sitting.

These cost about $110 per pelt. For example, a four pelt rug will run about $440.

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