Iron Patio Furniture Restoration

An excellent addition to any patio, iron patio furniture is one of the most common and elegant types of patio furniture. While outdoor elements damage most types of patio furniture, it can especially take it’s toll on iron patio furniture. To prevent weather damage, start by properly covering your furniture when needed.  For example, storing your furniture in a garage or shed in the winter would be an excellent way to protect it from becoming damaged. However, if your patio furniture is in need of restoration, it only takes some time and elbow grease with these simple guidelines.

Getting to the bare bones

You will first want to remove any existing finish along with rust and dirt that may have collected. To do this you can use a few different materials. Depending on the size of the furniture you are restoring, either a stiff wire brush, a sander or a chemical rust remover will work to strip down to the iron. Do this until you are down to the bare metal. You may also choose to scrub the frame using a nonabrasive-scouring pad dipped in kerosene or aluminum brightener. Remove any excess debris and rinse the furniture off to remove the excess particles. Dry thoroughly before moving on.

Preventing future rust

Apply a rust resistant primer made for metal surfaces. This will prevent future rust on your patio furniture especially if you often leave it out in the elements. Rust resistant primers can be found at your local hardware store or paint shop and will go a long way in protecting your iron patio furniture.

Painting the furniture

Use paint made for metals to paint the restored iron furniture. Ordinary paint will work, but it won’t last before it begins to chip or peel. Spray paint works the best and will give the furniture even coats. Before you use the spray paint, make sure that the ground is covered and keep a paintbrush on hand to touch up any areas that may need it. If you’re painting the iron patio furniture a new color, you may want to apply two coats to be sure it's fully covered. The number of coats required usually depends on the color that you’re using and can be found in the paint's instructions.

Protecting it for the future

Use a topcoat to protect your iron patio furniture. The best topcoat is a water-based acrylic topcoat. This will protect your furniture from the elements as well as from future rust.