Iron Pipe Plumbing vs. Copper Pipe Plumbing

Iron is the most popular material for pipes that are used in drainage and clean water supply and iron pipe plumbing is well accepted all over the world. The iron piping has several advantages and disadvantages. The iron pipings are coated with an insoluble layer of graphite for corrosion resistance. Copper piping is also quite popular and is used in central heating pipe works. Copper is nontoxic and thus it is safe to use.

Pros and Cons

One big advantage of copper pipe is that they do not get rusted like the iron pipes. Copper is also more malleable and thus they are used for making complex pipelines where many bends are required. It is also easy to transform copper.

Which One to Prefer

Iron pipes cannot be used in several places where the moisture content is very high. Also for carrying water, copper is preferred over iron as the copper pipes remain cleaner for a longer period of time. The iron pipes are used for drainage and due to their strength these pipes are preferred more than the copper pipes. One disadvantage about the copper pipe is, when the diameter of the pipe is large it cannot withstand high pressure and thus the iron pipes are more suitable in such cases.