Iron vs. Aluminum Deck Railing Iron vs. Aluminum Deck Railing

Both aluminum deck railings and iron deck railings can look good, as long as they’re well maintained. Is one really better than the other?

Aluminum deck railings

The relatively light weight of aluminum deck railings makes them an attractive proposition for many people. Even though there’s little weight to them, they’re still strong and fit easily. They won’t bend or break readily, and will often be coated for much easier maintenance. When they’re not coated, they need to be well sealed and protected in order to remain looking good.

You can also have aluminum inserts in wood deck railings, a combination that’s becoming more popular. There are many different styles, both traditional and contemporary.

Iron Deck Railings

Iron deck railings require more maintenance than aluminum deck railings. Failure to do so will lead to them rusting as air causes the metal to oxidize. The railings need to be painted and it’s important to know that all the metal is coated in order to prevent rust.

Iron weighs more than aluminum, meaning that it might not be an ideal material as a deck railing in all circumstances. Iron deck railings do tend to be more traditional in design, but a wide variety of styles are available.

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