Is a Dual Evaporated Refrigerator Cooling System Worth the Price?

Modern kitchen space with stainless steel refrigerator

Purchasing a fridge-freezer with a dual evaporator cooling system can be very expensive, and some may wonder if it is really worth the extra cost to have a system, which also uses energy at a very high rate. Dual evaporator refrigeration systems have a separate cooling system for each side of the product, keeping them at different temperatures, but choosing whether to get one of these systems is a measure of needs and budget.

Advantages of the Dual Evaporator

There are a number of advantages to the dual evaporator cooling system. These include keeping the freezer section at a constant temperature while the fridge is being used/filled, and ensuring that ambient temperatures can be preserved in one side of the fridge-freezer, even if the cooling system in the other side is broken, or temporarily turned off. This can help to ensure that not all of your food is ruined by an overheated cooling system.

Disadvantages of the Dual Evaporator

The biggest disadvantage is, of course, the cost. If you have a small family, or do not use your fridge-freezer to full capacity, then the cost will certainly not make the advantages of a dual evaporator worthwhile. Those in the catering business, particularly those working from home, may find that the advantages of having separate cooling mechanisms means that the price can be absorbed by the savings made through keeping food fresh for longer.