Is a Hand Bidet Spray More Hygenic Than Toilet Paper? Is a Hand Bidet Spray More Hygenic Than Toilet Paper?

Hand bidet sprays are becoming more and more popular but since this is a relatively new concept in the Western countries, many people still don't know if this is a more hygienic method of cleansing as compared to toilet paper. 

Prevents Infections

A hand bidet is extremely advantageous as it helps reduce the risk of infections. When toilet paper is used, it is not able to completely clean the perineum areas since it is dry and there is always some residue left behind. As a result of this, bacteria can grow in the area all day long and cause infections, urinary tract problems and even hemorrhoids. By cleaning the area properly with water, it is possible to prevent this. 

People with sensitive will also benefit and reduce infections since their skin is prone to getting irritated by dry toilet paper, and therefore water makes cleaning easier and more comfortable. 

It is also possible that after using toilet paper, people pass on bacteria to objects or people they touch. However, a hand bidet spray makes it unnecessary to use your hands to clean the area therefore this is another reason why there are less infections. 

Better Cleansing

Cleansing with water as compared to dry toilet paper is obviously one of the major advantages. For women going through menstruation, a hand bidet spray is an extremely effective way to easily clean themselves during the day. 


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