Is a Natural Gas Fireplace Worth the Expense?

A natural gas fireplace is an option that more and more people are considering for their homes. There are many benefits to a natural gas fireplace. They are efficient and easy to operate. There is less mess than with other fireplaces.


With a gas fireplace, you do not have to worry about having a chimney. This can be a way to save money. It is often expensive to install a chimney for a regular fireplace. With a gas fireplace, this is not necessary. You also have more options on where you can put the gas fireplace than with a traditional wood burning fireplace. You do not have to worry about the placement. You can put it anywhere in the house and a gas fireplace can even be placed in a corner of a room to take up the least amount of space possible.

Health Benefits

A natural gas fireplace is safer for your family. There is no smoke or soot with a natural gas fireplace. This means that people with allergies, asthma, or other medical conditions do not have to worry about the effects of their fireplace. They can enjoy the appeal of a fireplace without risking health problems or complications. There is no risk of your fireplace triggering allergy symptoms, asthma attacks, or anything else. You can breathe easy knowing that you can enjoy the fire and be safe and healthy at the same time.

Installation Costs
It is often cheaper to install a natural gas fireplace than a traditional wood fireplace. All that you have to do is purchase the fireplace and install it. Then, you run a single gas line to the furnace or buy small propane bottles and you are ready to go. With a traditional wood burning fireplace, you have to install the fireplace plus a chimney, flue, and other necessary features. You also have to make sure that your mantel and any other surfaces around your fireplace are heat resistant. If they are not, you will have to remove them or replace them, this is another added expense.

Fuel Costs

Natural gas is often much less expensive than the cost of wood for a regular fireplace. Natural gas also lasts longer than wood. It will burn for a much longer time. It can be much more cost effective to get a natural gas fireplace than to use wood. Gas is also cheaper than electricity, so overall a gas fireplace is the best option.


Natural gas fireplaces are safer than regular wood burning fireplaces. There is less risk of fire. Your family can rest easier with a natural gas fireplace. There are fewer risks of fire and damage from a natural gas fireplace. You also do not have to deal with the smoke and soot, which can cause damage to your home. Purchasing a natural gas fireplace can be well worth the expense in terms of saving you money on expenses related to repairs or damage from a traditional fireplace.