Is a Portable Bug Zapper Dangerous?

Your portable bug zapper does not present any inherent dangers other than the of being improperly used by a human operator. The devices are specifically made to resemble a tennis racquet which, in the hands of children or immature adults, could present a hazard if used like a sword in a playtime fantasy duel. Even then, the only danger presented is clobbering an opponent over the head.

Safely Constructed

These tennis racquet styled portable bug zappers are great devices that can go mostly anywhere as long as they are not use in the rain. The construction uses two wire meshes – one on each side – that protects the electric grid where bugs get zapped. While the two-mesh outer protection keeps the device safe, it also protects the user from getting accidentally zapped as well. Furthermore, when properly used the handle grip also aids in safe operation keeping the user’s hand away from the electric grid area.

Battery Powered Safety

Also a great safety feature for a portable bug zapper is that these devices are battery powered. There is no need to worry about a power cord plugged into an electric socket. This allows for freedom of movement as well as allowing for a safer operation with no cords involved.
Portable bug zappers also come with a rechargeable battery feature.