Is a Solar Hot Water Heater Worth the Cost? Is a Solar Hot Water Heater Worth the Cost?

If you are considering a solar hot water heater, then you may be slightly overwhelmed by the cost of purchasing the item and having it installed. This can run into several thousand dollars, and this can put off a small family. You may be looking at the catalogs of solar hot water heater devices, and wondering if the savings on energy will be worth the initial lay out and costs.

Costs of a Solar Hot Water Heater

The solar hot water heater is often promoted as a money saving device, but when it comes to the initial lay out, many people may just not be able to afford those first costs. The only way to calculate if the costs of the solar hot water heater outweigh the eventual savings is to calculate your water use costs, and work out if you will save the purchase and installation cost of the heater in say, 7 years time.

Alongside the costs of the solar hot water heater, you should also consider that you will get rebates from the National and local government bodies, which can help you to save money in other ways, and that you may also be able to install some types of heater yourself, saving more money.

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