Is a Stainless Chimney Cap Necessary?

Stainless chimney caps provide a number of benefits, such as keep out birds, squirrels and rain water. Animals love to make the chimney their home because it is warm and protected. Birds will make their nests right inside of the chimney, if it is missing a chimney cap.

Benefits of Stainless Steel

A stainless steel chimney cap however offers not only protection from the elements, but also avoids unsightly rust stains, that will not come off. The stainless steel chimney cap also provides protection against the wind, which can cause erosion. The need to keep the moisture from staying out of the bricks is also necessary to keep your chimney working correctly. Stainless steel chimney caps come with a lifetime warranty as well, so it makes spending a little extra worthwhile. 

The advantages of having a stainless steel chimney cap outweigh not having one. It is a good investment to keep your home safe, healthy and clean, for now and in the future. Investing in this cap is an easy choice.