Is a Tin Roof an Energy Efficient Choice? Is a Tin Roof an Energy Efficient Choice?

A tin roof can be a very cost-effective alternative to more expensive forms of roofing. Tin is a very light and durable metal which makes it popular in the construction industry. The energy efficiency of tin can be surprisingly high.

Heating and Cooling

A tin roof has the ability to reflect heat back into a room or away from the roof. This means it can stop heat escaping just as easily as preventing it from entering attic areas. Quite often, tin roofed rooms require no central heating which subsequently cuts the electricity or gas bill.


Tin is a light and adaptable metal to work with. A tin roof can have a number of vents created in the lining. This means it is easy to create a number of points which will keep a home cool during the summer. This will save having fans being powered all day and will conserve a great deal of energy.

These vents and the rest of the tin can also be lined during cold and harsh winters with some strong insulation foam. These steps will enhance the natural properties of the tin.


Tin for a tin roof does not have to be 100% brand new. Second hand tin will still do an adequate roofing job. It can also be reused for smaller jobs once it starts to break down. This saves further energy and money.


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