Is a Water Ionizer Cost Effective?

Determining whether a water ionizer is cost affective is a tricky process. The debate regarding whether they actually do all they claim is ongoing, and you must choose which side you believe is correct. Manufacturers claim their products produce water capable of slowing aging, eliminating allergies, curing disease, and hydrating your body better than untreated water, while opponents claim ionized water is a pseudoscience invented to sell products.

How Ionization Works

Ionization utilizes electrolysis to reduce acidity in water, improve alkaline content and add electrolytes. The majority of ionizers also employ filtration in order to remove impurities. One point skeptics make is that it's impossible for pure water to undergo electrolysis. For this to occur, minerals capable of retaining an electrical charge must be present, however the filtration process removes all trace elements.

What Each Side Thinks

The debate is generally reduced to proponents of water ionization claiming that the process is being held back by big business and the medical communities, while skeptics believe manufacturers are taking advantage of consumers and making unfounded claims that ionized water is a miracle cure.

The price tag on an undersink model averages about $2,000 up to around $4,000. With prices like that, it is easy to understand why many people believe it to be a scam. Don't take their words for it, though; weigh the evidence, and decide for yourself if it's worth the money.