Is ABS Brake Repair Expensive?

The finer points of ABS brake repair will often not even be a consideration until the brake goes wrong. However, understanding how your anti-lock braking system works and recognizing what is required to repair it is a good place to start in determining what the potential cost to repair will be.

Understand the ABS

Taking the time to understand the various parts that make up the anti-lock braking system can provide some useful knowledge. It will put you in the position of being able to determine whether a full repair or replacement is actually required. Modern ABS brakes tend to be very reliable and are not often in need of repair. If you have a new car and find the ABS light flashes on and off, you are likely to find that debris is affecting the sensors and mere cleaning is required rather than repair.

Knowledge of your car will also prevent the cost that would be incurred in the event that the incorrect brake fluid is used in the car, which can destroy the entire system.

Regular Maintenance

The many parts that make up an anti-lock braking system mean that the system could fail for any number of reasons. During regular maintenance of your car, a minor issue could be picked up by the mechanic which will enable the ABS brake repair to be undertaken quickly and easily. For example, if you find that the brake works fine but is making a strange noise, it may only be the reluctor ring within the ABS system that requires replacement, which will reduce the cost. Ensuring that parts such as brake fluid and brake pads are checked regularly will diminish the potential for further problems. Preventative action can help avoid unnecessary expenses.


As technology moves forward, ABS brakes can become more complicated with many different parts that need to be considered to discover where the fault lies. This can increase the cost of ABS brake repair as more labor and more equipment needs to be used. Due to the fact the ABS systems require some electronic work, this can be specialized which will increase the cost of the same. Shopping around and getting various quotes will ensure that you get the best price for ABS brake repair.

Complete Overhaul

Though modern ABS systems are reliable, the many parts that make them means that there is more of a possibility that one or several of them will fail. It is unlikely that every part of an ABS will fail but the manner in which they relate to each other can mean that the whole system requires repair or replacement. The complete overhaul of an ABS system will be an expensive pursuit, more so than any other part of the vehicle. Though some parts of the brake can be replaced relatively cheaply, the highly technological parts will be more problematic and will ultimately cost more to repair. Avoid a complete overhaul if it is not required, as the cost of ABS brake repair can be reduced if only the particular section at fault is concentrated on.