Is Buying Used Water Slides a Smart Idea? Is Buying Used Water Slides a Smart Idea?

When you look at the prices of new pool slides, buying used water slides is definintely attractive. New slides can cost thousands, whereas you can buy up a used water slide for a couple of hundred dollars.

When buying a used slide, check its condition very carefully. Chips and scratches can soon deteriorate, and threaten the structural integrity of the equipment. Bolts can come loose also. Perhaps you should consider the seller’s motivation for getting rid of the slide. Is it on its way out anyway?

Safety is a key consideration as well. Check the specifications of your pool and verify that the slide is suitable for use in a pool of the same size and depth as yours. If the seller still has the manufacturer’s instructions, read them for some valuable guidance on this point.

Apart from the physical characteristics of the used water slide, consider how you will actually transport it once it's purchased. Will you need to pay a courier, or do you have a friend with a truck?

Keeping these hints in mind will help ensure you purchase a safe and reliable used water slide.

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