Is Carpet Tile Installation Right For Your Home?

Carpet tile installation has both advantages and disadvantages. Compared to ordinary carpets, tiles are easy to install and easier to clean, but they are also colder and more slippery. Homeowners should consider these and other factors before deciding if the carpet tiles are right for their home.

Factors to consider

Choosing whether or not to install carpet tiles can depend on a number of factors. They include:

  • location of the carpet – tiles are best suited for kitchens, bathrooms and spaces near the doors, in other words, areas that are more likely to get dirty. Ordinary carpets, on the other hand, work best In living rooms and bedrooms, places where comfort takes priority.     
  • desired ambiance –ordinary carpets work best when the homeowner wants to give a room a sense of tradition and warmth. Tiles work better in the more modern-looking, hip environments. And both types of floor lining are influenced by the style of the era – though tiles become dated quicker then ordinary carpets.
  • health considerations – ordinary carpets can attract dirt, which, in turn, can trigger allergic reactions. Tiles, on the other hand, can get fairly cold and slippery, which can pose it’s own set of hazards.
  • cost – installing ordinary carpets is a complicated process that is best left to professionals. Tiles, on the other hand, are fairly easy to install, which can reduce the set-up costs. However, tiles are more expensive then ordinary carpets, and some of the heavier tiles require additional reinforcement. Homeowners should also factor in maintance and repair costs - tiles are easy to replace, but, unlike ordinary carpets, they can crack under heavy loads.