Is Damask Upholstery Fabric Good for Couches?

Damask upholstery fabric is a great choice as a fabric for couches, sofas and other furniture coverings. It is made with different fabrics, from wool to cotton and even to silk. Generally speaking, damask upholstery fabric is found in vibrant colors, either as a single solid color or as a combination of a lighter shade and a darker shade. In addition, the fabric is usually patterened in geometric or floral designs and prints.

Bold and Fresh

Damask upholstery fabric adds a bold sense of design and style to any room. The vibrant colors and busy patterns will draw anyone's attention to the couch.


Damask upholstery fabric is usually made with a higher thread count. This means that the fabric will feel and look much more luxurious. It will also wear better and last longer.

Mix and Matching Options

This type of fabric is usually harder to mix and match. While you can start with a central color and add accent components around the fabric, the damask upholstery couch will tend to be your focal point for the room. You may alternate patterns with draperies but you will find that your walls will have to remain soft and complimentary to the big bold couches in the room.