Is it ok to Keep a Furnace Blower Constantly Running?

A furnace blower is something that many people rarely think about. When it is doing its job, the house stays warm and you can focus on other things in life. However, sometimes you might be paying attention and notice that the blower is constantly running. During cold weather, this is not uncommon to find. If you are wondering whether a blower should be constantly running, here are a few things to consider. 

Wear and Tear

Furnace blowers can run for many hours consecutively without any problems. Most of the furnace blowers on today's market are very durable and should have very few problems. However, the more that it runs, the shorter amount of time it will last. If you want your furnace and your furnace blower to last the maximum amount of time, you should consider finding ways to make it run less. 

Cutting Back

Cutting back on the amount of time that the blower runs will help preserve the furnace and it will decrease your utility bill. Sometimes, it is so cold outside that you can not afford to leave the furnace off at all. However, if you can turn down the heat by a few degrees, it can help tremendously.