Is rubber or cork flooring more eco-friendly? Is rubber or cork flooring more eco-friendly?

Rubber and cork flooring are both very unique flooring, yet they share some similarities. However, they are two different types of materials that are made different ways. Cork is a natural material, while rubber is synthetic. Eco-friendly material is easily recycled, or it can provide the earth with benefits. Cork is more eco-friendly because the trees do not need to be cut down in order to make cork. Rubber is not as eco-friendly as coork because the production of rubber can harm the environment.

  • The synthetic material that makes rubber gives off an odor that can be toxic.
  • Cork trees benefit the environment by providing fresh air and a habitat for animals.
  • Rubber flooring factories can exhaust harmful toxins from the synthetic material into the air.
  • Cork does is odorless and doesn't release any fumes.

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