Is Standard Ventilation Ok for a Smoking Room?

vent and fan with smoky air

Safety Note: You shouldn't smoke. Here's why.

Will standard ventilation work if you have a smoking room? This question is the concern of many people who want to secure themselves from tobacco smoke's ill effects. With the increase in the tobacco smoking population, a new concept of smoking zones has emerged, but it still needs to be ensured that the surrounding areas' air remains healthy and pure. You can judge the air cleanliness and decide whether a smoking room should have a standard ventilation system if you look out for these:

Exhaust Systems

It needs to be installed at a smoking site and must be large enough to efficiently replenish the room air. So, normal bathroom exhaust fans and air conditioners can do nothing.

Air Purification Systems

These systems eat out the smoke from the air and minimize the effects of passive smoking, but they are costly.

Room Architecture

The smoking area can become airproof with certain changes, such as doors, which should be air-tight. Electrical fixtures should be wall-mounted—if possible, the room should have large windows or exhaust systems.

The standard ventilation systems we normally use are NOT very helpful for a smoking room. We need to improvise them to suit our needs.