Is Your Deadbolt Door Lock Strong Enough?

Three locks isolated on white

Although a deadbolt door lock is a good idea in itself, there are different varieties of locks. Some are stronger than others, and you’ll want to choose the ones that are the most secure.

Length of Throw

Deadbolts come in varying bolts, or throw lengths. The minimum length for a secure deadbolt is one inch. If the bolt extends into the frame at least one inch, it is more difficult for a thief to breach the bolt.

Security Strike Plates

The strongest lock in the world is useless if a thief can simply pry it off or cut through the strike plate on the door frame. A secure deadbolt will include a security strike plate. This will include a heavy gauge metal plate, 3” screws that extend through the doorjamb into the framing, and offset screws so that they are in different grains of wood.

Saw Resistant Bolts

Some burglars use saws to cut through the bolts of a lock or a strike plate. Saw resistant bolts make this process very difficult for a thief. Anti-drill locks can deter thieves who may attempt to drill out a lock.

ANSI Rating of 1

Those locks with an American National Standards Institute grade of one meet the highest levels of security and quality testing. Don’t consider a lock that doesn’t have this rating.