Is Your Rain Shower Head Eco-Friendly?

A rain shower head is a great way to save water and money in your new bathroom renovation. Rain shower heads can save up to 2,700 gallons of water on an annual basis. They work in such a way that the water flows like it is rain drops. There is a large volume of water without actually using a lot of water. Do you know if your rain shower head is really eco-friendly?

Water Limiter

A rain shower head can have an adjustable know that will allow more, or less, water to be used. Make sure that your particular brand has this so you can adjust the water use.

Built In Thermostat

An eco-friendly shower head will also have a thermostat included in the tubing itself. This will automatically cut off some of the water once the temperature hits a certain setting. This not only saves water, but also saves you money on your electric bill. The less hot water the shower head uses, the less it will cost to run the heater.

Water Timer

One of the best ways to conserve water, and hot water, is to limit the time you spend in the shower. Some eco-friendly rain shower heads have a limit to the time it will operate. You can set this timer, or buy one that is already programmed.