How to Know if Your Sump Pump Is Large Enough

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A small sump pump may not be adequate for your home. The size is not the determining factor when purchasing or replacing a sump pump; many models are available on the market. Some are simple and compact, while others may offer many features and come larger sizes. There are a few things that can help you decide if a sump pump is large enough for your needs.

Regional Rainfall

The sump pump is designed to keep water off the basement floor and away from the foundation. These pumps are needed for many reasons ranging from poor construction to simple age deterioration and land erosion. Regional land slopes and waterfall can determine how many gallons per minute or gallons per hour you will need the pump to flow in order to remove water quickly enough.

What Size Sump Pump to Choose

A standard .33-horse power pump or 110-volts pump will work for most homes. There are .25-horse power and .5-horse power models which are very popular. Size is determined by the sump pump’s capacity to push the water through a pipe and away from the foundation. If your small sump pump's pushing capacity is 3,000 gallons per hour, it is big enough.