Turn Your Bedroom into an Island Paradise Getaway Turn Your Bedroom into an Island Paradise Getaway

How would you like to be able to retreat to an island paradise getaway right in your own home? Well, now you can. All it takes is a change to your bedroom décor and you will be able to steal away for a few minutes' peace and tranquility whenever you wish.

Give your bedroom that "island" feeling by giving the room a makeover. Change the color of the walls to a color that soothes your mind, spirit and soul. Island colors include the blues and turquoises of the sea, the greens of lush tropical plants and the earth tones of a sandy beach. If you enjoy more vibrant colors, use the pinks and salmons of a coral reef or the hues of an island sunset. Possibly the pinks, yellows and whites of island architecture are colors that you would enjoy incorporating into your bedroom décor. Whatever your color choice, you will be amazed at the transformation created by a change to island colors.

Add texture to your room using accessories, figurines, knick-knacks and blinds or curtains. Add a bamboo or wicker headboard and chair to your room, as well as a large variety of tropical plants. Paint walls in pale blue, cream or white and then add rainforest wallpaper. Murals of lush plants and waterfalls will add an "island" look to the room.

Add color with bed linens, lamps and other accessories. You can use subtle shades of blues and greens or more vibrant colors in hues of orange and yellow. By using accessories for color, it's easy to change the look of the room if you want a change of pace.

If you prefer, use bright color for the walls and more subtle colors for the accessories. Use bamboo, linen and jute for bedspreads, curtains and cushions. Add a bamboo or wicker window dressing. For a breezier look, use sheers for window dressing or create the look of mosquito netting by draping them from the ceiling or bedposts.

If you like a more vibrant look, paint the walls cream and use drapes that have patterns in shades of browns and oranges. Paintings of beaches, oceans or island scenes are essential to create an island paradise in your bedroom. You might like to set a large tropical tree in a corner or use a theme of seashells on a bedside table.

When painting furniture, use tones of neutral soothing sand colors, and sand lightly when dry to add a touch of texture. This can also be applied to lamps, storage chests, blanket boxes, hope chests and other décor items in your bedroom.

Use crisp colors such as white or pale blue for sheets, bedspreads and comforters. Add mirrors to the room and different types of lighting. String clear mini lights on dresser mirrors, around closet doors and in ferns and plants to create a romantic glow throughout the room. Burn aromatherapy candles containing essential oils. These come in a variety of island scents such as tropical or summer breeze.

For the floor, use a sand colored carpet, or if carpet isn't to your liking, use a sand colored tile or linoleum to give your bedroom an authentic beach look.

Turning your bedroom into an island paradise is both invigorating and relaxing. Sleep like a baby while a cool summer breeze drifts into the window and across the room. The next morning you'll awaken invigorated and refreshed, ready to face the busy day ahead.

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