Jack Hammers Jack Hammers

Jack hammers are portable power tools that are best suited for construction DIY projects. Some of the common uses of jack hammers are drilling rocky surfaces and breaking apart paved surfaces.

Jack hammers use compressed air to power the drill to perform powerful, repetitive jabbing operations while in use. The basic operation of jack hammers is similar to that of a chisel (which most of us are familiar with).

Limitations of Jack Hammers

Jack hammers are not very efficient for jobs that are to be performed on walls and inclined surfaces. This is because jack hammers rely on the thrust from the body of the user to give a direction to the bit.

If you really want to use  a jack hammer on a vertical or inclined surface, ask for help from a friend or associate. One of you has to operate the jack hammer and the other helps out by holding the jack hammer in place and directs the bit. This will allow for the smooth operation of the jack hammer.

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