Japanese Garden Fountains Add Grace and Beauty Japanese Garden Fountains Add Grace and Beauty

After a hard day, what could be more relaxing than enjoying the last of the sunshine while listening to the gentle sounds of water?

Even a small garden fountain can mask the surrounding sounds of traffic, noisy neighbors and other irritants as well as create a sense of privacy and tranquility. No matter what size garden or patio you have, this little piece of heaven can be yours to enjoy. One of the most soothing and beautiful additions to any garden can be a Japanese garden fountain. These kinds of fountains are often very simple, featuring earth tones and natural accents that breathe peace and serenity into any size garden or patio. Their very simplicity inspires calm and makes them suitable for a traditional Japanese garden or a Western garden without looking out of place.

Japanese gardens have been a beautiful addition to Western landscaping for more than one hundred years, and continue to beguile, soothe and inspire. Even if you don’t have the space or resources to design an entire Japanese garden, adding a Japanese garden fountain can add just the touch you are looking for to finish your space. Fountains range from the very small to large designs the size of a small pond.

When you are considering a Japanese garden fountain, first take note of the colors and shapes that surround the area you will place your fountain. It is important to ensure your landscape will not overpower the simplicity of your fountain, but don’t be afraid to mix bright, vibrant colors and stark shapes. The effect is classic Japanese art garden and quite stunning. Make sure there is some seating near your garden fountain so you can enjoy not only the view, but also the sounds.

Installation of your Japanese garden fountain is simple, usually requiring only a pump. Most of the time the pump comes with the fountain, although there are some models in which the pump is separate. There are also rain chains available, which offer the effect of a fountain without the water pump, instead utilizing the rain and gravity.

Most Japanese garden fountains are crafted from granite or similar material and include bamboo, although there are lovely bamboo and copper fountains and ponds as well. There are also inexpensive and light-weight styles made from a fiberglass look-a-like that make it easy to install and move. Granite or stone will not require much care, although it is advisable to clean your Japanese garden fountain a few times a year as molds can collect in portions not exposed to the sun; running water will usually keep things from growing in the fountain itself. Bamboo is a very sturdy, durable material however, it must be treated just like any other outdoor wood products. UV resistant polyurethane or, if you climate is humid, mold resistant polyurethane, will help repel water and help your bamboo retain its lovely appearance.

Fountains add a bit of grace and beauty to any garden or patio. Japanese garden fountains, with their simple lines and earthy colors make a gorgeous addition to any garden and will bring you joy for many years.

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