Jet Cooker

Perfect for camping, hunting, fishing, tailgate parties and other outdoor get togethers, a jet cooker provides a fast, convenient and wholly portable means for undertaking a wide variety of cooking tasks. Whether boiling, deep frying, pan frying or steaming, a jet cooker is the outdoor tool of choice. With its high output, durable frame and portability, jet cookers provide the kind of heat a home oven can muster, but they can be taken along anywhere. For outdoor use only, jet cookers require a propane canister for their fuel.

Jet Cooker Design

The best jet cookers feature a 1-piece welded steel frame. Great for all weather use, the stand features a wide-leg tripod design and a large-circumference mounting grate for supporting the cooking vessel. Jet cooker frames average a height of about 12 inches and a 14-inch diameter. The propane-fueled burner is mounted in place and includes a hose, regulator and valve assembly for accurate, adjustable heating and quick connection to a propane tank.


Select jet cookers feature an adjustable plate to help spread the flame for a variety of uses. This multi-position unit is set one way for boiling and deep frying. When adjusted, use the jet cooker for pan frying or steaming. Other features include a high BTU output and adjustable flame for controlling the temperature.