Jewelry Appraisal

There are many reasons to have a jewelry appraisal done. You may be in the process of insuring your valuables and most insurance companies will require a jewelry appraisal before they will insure the items.

If you lose your mother’s antique diamond brooch, without a proper jewelry appraisal you will be left with only the value of a new brooch to replace it.

With a jewelry appraisal submitted to the insurance company you will be assured payment of the actual value of the brooch. Although sentimental value can not be replaced, the monetary value can certainly help ease the pain of the loss.

A Jewelry Appraisal for all Your Items

You should make sure to get a jewelry appraisal for all your valuables, even the ones that you do not feel are worth that much. You would be surprised at the payments the insurance company will offer in the event of theft or loss, a jewelry appraisal will prove their true value.