Jump Star a Car Battery: Important Safety Precautions Jump Star a Car Battery: Important Safety Precautions

When you need to jump start your car battery, make sure to bear in mind some basic safety precautions. First, make sure that the battery caps are closed tightly and that they are level to one another. It is also best to cover them with a damp cloth.


Make sure to wear eye protection. Eye injuries can easily occur when trying to jump start a car battery. Some of them can be serious, including blindness and other permanent injuries. Also, do not lean over the battery because it can be dangerous. Try to reach forward, while staying away from it as much as possible.

Voltage considerations and the cars

The two cars that are used for the jump should have batteries that have the same voltage. This will help to reduce dangerous situations. Also, make sure that the two cars are not touching each other during the process. Furthermore, the cars' motors have to be switched off.

Flammable conditions

Bear in mind that batteries may easily produce dangerous gases, especially if not handled well. The gases can be explosive and flammable. Make sure to keep dangerous objects away. For example, do not hold a cigarette in the vicinity. Also, make sure that there are no flames or sparks nearby.

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