Jumpstarting Your Riding Lawn Mower Jumpstarting Your Riding Lawn Mower

If you have a lot of land or grass that grows very quickly, you may use a large riding lawn mower. If your machine refuses to start, follow these instructions to jumpstart the lawnmower using the power from another vehicle. 

Step 1 - Provide Power Source

Drive your automobile close to your riding lawn mower and turn the car off. When jumpstarting a car, you would leave the car running, but this may overcharge and overload a riding lawn mower.

Step 2 - Attach Cables

First, attach the black cable to the black terminal of your car, and then the red cable to the red terminal of your car. Repeat this process for your lawn mower, starting with the black cable.

Let sit for a couple minutes, and then remove the cables from both the car and the lawnmower.

Using a Battery Charger

If you have a battery charger handy, you can use it to give your lawnmower battery a boost. Again, make sure the proper cables are attached to the right ends. Turn on your battery charger to send a recharge to your mower.

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