Juniper Tree Propagation Methods

The Juniper tree is a coniferous tree that is in the Cypress family with over 60 species to its credit. This tree is widely populated throughout the northern hemisphere and down into the tropics. Juniper trees are evergreen and have needle like leaves. They produce berries that can be reddish brown, but are mostly blue in color. Propagating the Juniper tree can be done in three ways.

Planting from Seed

You can propagate the Juniper tree with seed. The seeds must be sown in the fall time of the year. However, they can take a long time to germinate, if they germinate at all.

Propagate with Cuttings

The preferred way of propagating your Juniper tree is to use cuttings. These cuttings should be planted in the spring of the year, after being stored in a warm place,  to give the new tree time to establish its root system. Blend the cutting into a rootstock that you can cut back to the stump.

Propagate through Division

As the Juniper tree begins to mature you will notice small saplings growing near the base of the tree. These can be divided from the main root system by digging around it carefully and making sure the bulk of the roots are taken. Plant in new soil and water regularly to help it establish its own root structure.