Karcher High Pressure Washer

Offering products to meet all budgets as well as both electric and gas-fueled units, the Karcher high pressure washer selection has something for all light- to heavy-duty consumer needs. From hand-carried, 1400 PSI electric power washers to a rugged, gas-fueled 4000 PSI unit, Karcher's line of high pressure was hers run the full gamut of what's available today. Karcher pressure washers are durably built and come fully accessorized with everything necessary to start cleaning immediately. 

Electric Pressure Washers

Karcher electric pressure washers include hand-carried and walk-behind models. Built with a hard plastic shell, Karcher electric pressure washers feature a no-maintenance induction motor that only runs while spraying. The housing features built-in casters for walk-behind units and an ergonomically-sculpted handle on others. Attach accessories directly to the shell. Karcher offers electric models up to 1850 PSI and a max flow rate of 1.5 GPM. Prices range from $70 to $300.

Gas Pressure Washers

Karcher gas high pressure washers are more powerful than their line of electric models. Gas-fueled units come as powerful as 4000 PSI with a top flow rate of 3.6 GPM. Karcher gas models have a frame built from high-strength tubular steel with heavy-duty pneumatic tires. Accessories include commercial-grade spray wand, trigger gun and nozzle set, all with easy-to-attach quick-connect couplers.