Karcher Pressure Washer Hose

For add-on or replacement purposes, a Karcher pressure washer hose is a durable, 25-foot wire-braided accessory designed with quick-connect couplers for easy attachment. Quick-connect adapters make attaching and detaching a hose incredibly fast and easy, for there are no parts to screw in. Replacement Karcher pressure washer hoses are compatible for use on almost any consumer-grade gas or electric pressure washer produced by the company. Certain Karcher hoses may not work with pressure washers equipped with a hose reel. 

Hose Features

Rated up to 2500 PSI, a Karcher pressure washer hose may be used for replacement of a lost or worn-out hose. It may also be used to add to the length of an existing hose, provided the necessary quick-connect ends are in place. Thanks to its high-pressure design, Karcher pressure washer hoses are able to withstand the rigors of a powerful light- to heavy-duty consumer model with no threat of bursting so long as an incompatible hose is not used with a more powerful pressure washer.


Pressure washer hoses increase the versatility of the tool, giving the operator a flexible means of reaching high-up or other out-of-the-way places with the spray gun or lance. Made with the same quality as their pressure washers, a Karcher pressure washer hose can quickly turn an idle machine into a functional cleaning tool.