Designing With Seashells Designing With Seashells

I'm a Florida girl. Yep, my home is just moments from the beautiful aqua blue Atlantic Ocean and Jupiter Inlet. It's simply divine and my home pulls colors from the beach, ocean and sky (blues, greens, sand, etc) giving it a relaxing coastal look.

When deciding on how you want your home to look, I always advise homeowners to never go "too" theme-like. In other words, a little "theme" goes a long way. In other words, when designing around a nautical theme--- and in this case we’re using sea shells---less is best.

Stylish Seashell Themed Decorating Ideas

At the Table

  • Fill a serving tray with sand layered with seashells, candles and seagrass as a coastal centerpiece.
  • Display seashells on a pretty table-scape for a summer outdoor dinner party instead of showcasing sea shells throughout your home. Remember, just a hint of themed accessories can really set the tone for your home decor without overwhelming the space or your guests.
  • For simple napkin rings, drill holes in smaller shells then thread and secure together with elastic or craft wire.
  • Hot glue small shells on open weave fabrics for a table runner, table cloth or placemat. For added elegance layer a sheer fabric on top of the bottom layer of fabric and shells.

Powder Room Ideas

  • Fill a single bowl with sea shells surrounding a pillar candle for some counter appeal in the powder room.
  • Nest pretty soap bars in a large shell for décor or nest a single bar of soap in a smaller shell and use as a soap dish.

Around the Fireplace

  • Use stylish starfish candle holders (available in home boutiques and other fine stores) spread across the fireplace mantel or surrounding a vase full of driftwood and pieces of coral.
  • Consider creating a textured mosaic look by embedding seashells or broken shells as a fireplace surround. Heavier shells, be sure to use the grout supplies to ensure good adhesion.

No Hassle-Tassles!

  • String shells together to create unique fringe and tassles for lampshapes, pillows and curtain tie-backs.

The idea is keep is simple with a hint of seashells. Remember, a little can go a long way!

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