Kayak Fishing Gear for Cold Weather

There is plenty of kayak fishing gear you can purchase which will help keep you protected and warm in cold weather. Don't get caught out by the winter weather; make sure you have the right equipment.


A good quality wetsuit is essential in cold weather. Purchase one with material at least 3mm thick to ensure you are warm enough. Paddling jackets are available in warm but breathable materials which will protect you without being too bulky. Make sure you also wear a good pair of gloves. Kevlar palmed gloves will not only keep your fingers warm but also give you excellent grip.

Your Kayak

In winter weather conditions you should make sure your kayak is visible. Neutral colours will easily blend into the background. By painting your kayak in a bright or reflective colored paint, you will be far easier to spot from river or lake banks. It won't affect the number of fish you catch either.

Keeping a Dry Bag

When you are out kayak fishing in cold weather, make sure you keep a dry bag with you containing a spare set of clothing in case of immersion. Hypothermia can set in within a matter of minutes, making dry clothing an essential item.