Keep a Chicken Coop Safe from Predators

Keeping a chicken coop safe for your feathered friends can be a challenge. Raccoons, weasels, skunks and foxes are just a few of the predators that are looking for ways to get at your flock. In order to keep your chickens protected, there are some important safeguards you should take.

Control Access

The first line of defense is a fence that surrounds the coop and chicken run. Chicken wire, which can be bought at most hardware stores, is lightweight and easy to set up. Go for the thickest wire possible with the smallest gaps. The fence should be a minimum of 4 feet high with 12 inches buried underground as a precaution against digging animals.

Safe and Secure

Because most predators prowl at night, it is essential that your chickens have a fully enclosed coop to roost. The base should be at least  4 inches off the ground so that vermin can not hide underneath. All doors in your coop need to be sturdy and include a latch.  

To stop predators from chewing through the walls of your coop, staple chicken wire to the outside walls to about 3 feet high. A motion-detector light will also frighten away any unwanted animals during the night.

With just a little time and effort, you can rest easy knowing that your chickens are safe from whatever animal comes around looking for a free meal.